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William Perry Net worth in 2023

William Perry Net Worth

Do you know about the famous Footballer William Perry? If yes, then you are curious to know about William Perry net worth. What are his wealth, education, career, and net worth details? In this article, we will cover all information about William Perry and his different life aspects.

William Anthony Perry Biography

When we talk about legends or retired footballers, we learn about William Anthony Perry, Wiki, who is now enjoying a retired life. He remained a defensive player for almost a decade in the NFL. As he is American, he is called a former professional football player for America. He represented two teams in a period from 1985 to 1994.

William Perry played his game with devotion and professionally, respectively, for the Philadelphia Eagles and Chicago Bears. He looked like a gigantic man, so people called him a refrigerator through which he was famous in the community. The career that he spent has closed, but the money he earned from it still helps him out. William Perry net worth is $2 million as of now.

Early Life and High School

William Perry opened his eyes to this universe on the 16th of December 1962 in Aiken, South Carolina. He has a total of 11 siblings, which includes seven brothers and four sisters. From the day he first was a fat guy, and when he reached the 11th year of his life, he already had gained a weight of almost 200 pounds. He makes his way to athleticism when people comment on his physique.

While studying at Aiken High School, he represented the school team as a nose guard. He was lined up in sixth place when the coach alarmed the fastest player on the track for a 100-yard dash. He also participated in the shot put, where he used to throw on approximately 54 feet.

Education & Career

Due to their progress in athleticism, a scholarship for Clemson University came his way, where he represented the football team famous as Tigers from 1981 to 1984. During his presence in Clemson, his team never faced a single defeat. That is why they achieved ACC along with the national championship and closed the season with a resounding victory in the Orange Bowl. That was the time people recognized him as a refrigerator. In this topic, we will cover all his life aspects, including William Perry net worth.

Participation In Chicago Bears

In the ongoing selection of the NFL draft in 1985, the coach selected William Perry in the first round for the Chicago Bears team.

William Perry And Mike Ditka

There was a clash between the players due to parry. One was with him, and the other was against him. Ryan was the one who went against him, and Ditika took Perry as a fullback for challenging scenarios. This strategy worked brilliantly, and Ryan got ready to take William as a defensive lineman. This season, the Chicago Bears have broken down the record by setting up the stage 15-1, the story of which starts from NFC en to Super Bowl XX.

In this game, the Chicago Bears took the match from the New England Patriots, where his team named the very first title of Super Bowl to their name. Perry was declared the most giant Super Bowl ring ever in history when his size was 25. He played till 1993 but could not convert that year’s victory further. Weight was the only issue in his career.

Final Playing Years In the NFL

He ended up in NFL representing the Philadelphia Eagles from 1993 to 1994, but the end was a pure disappointment with the score of 8-8 and 7-9, respectively, which crippled them to play in the playoffs. When he retired, he tried once for his return from the London Monarchs in the World League of American Football but could not prove his authority this season.

Other Media Appearances

Besides football, he appeared in an episode of a television series named “The A-team” in WrestleMania 2 at WWF royal battle. Back in the previous year, he showed his presence during a match on a television show named “Celebrity Boxing”. Manute Bol In the following year, he appeared in a Central Television Film” Windy City Heat.”

Personal Life and Health

Perry was married twice and had four children out of both marriages. Doctors diagnosed him with an inflammatory disease disorder, Guillain-Barré syndrome. After a gap of two years, he came to the hospital in serious condition. He kept on having problems like drinking issues and weight gain. Finally, he became limited to the home of his late father, where his younger brother Michael took care of him. Perry came to the hospital back in 2016 and got treatment done for diabetes. From there, he straightly went to the retirement home.

William Perry Net Worth

The wealthiest player in the United States for football was Ana. According to different authorities like Forbes and Business Insider, William Perry net worth is now at $5 Million. Other than football, he also made his appearance in the World Wrestling Federation Royal Battle Royal at Wrestlemania 2 in 1986 in Rosemont, Illinois.

William Perry Net Worth In 2023

He was selected as a junior at Clemson with a consensus first-team All-American. He returned to the Chicago area to participate in the “Celebrity Wing” by John Cena at WWE Hall of Fame. Perry is now playing with a net worth of about $5 million.


What is the height of William Perry?

The height of William Perry is almost 6 feet 2 inches tall with a weight of 152 kg. William Perry has brown eyes and black hair.

In 1985, what was the weight of William, famous as “The Refrigerator” weight?

He was almost 147 kg when Chicago short-listed him for the draft for the first round. It was just because of his health that he lost enormous weight.

Will William reach the NFL pension criteria when he retires?

He has already retired from the NFL since September 2015. William is settled in his own parents’ home. Retirement he has spent just because of his pension from the NFL, which includes mainly social securities benefits and disability insurance.


William Perry is a retired footballer now and living on an NFL pension along with a $5 net worth. He was famously known as “Refrigerator”.He is also an athlete. He has 11 siblings. Perry also participated in the forum of Wrestlemania 2. William Perry net worth is proof of his ultimate success in his career.

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